Eating Juicy Bacon Cheeseburgers And Bubbly Fired Cheese

Desparate Man

My name is Cody Zulfer...

And confession time here...

I’m not a “best-selling author.”

I’m not a “fitness guru” with millions of social media fans.

And I’m not a gym-rat that spends 2 hours in the gym every day. Who has the time?

I’m just a regular guy who loves food.

Put a burger and fries in front of me or a basket of buffalo chicken wings with lots of blue cheese dressing…

And I’ll gobble it up in no time.

Shortly After My Son Was Born, Life Happened

The stress of raising my son, working full-time, and keeping up with all the daily chores took its toll.

I started relying on processed, pre-packaged foods that were easy to make:

  • Frozen pizza
  • Boxed mac n’ cheese
  • Microwave chicken nuggets

I regularly hit the drive-through windows of McDonald’s, Wendy’s, and Taco Bell.

I also stopped training, stopped surfing, and gave up my active lifestyle.

Predictably, my pants were strangling my waistline. I noticed my belly poke out of my t-shirts whenever I sat down. I started buying bigger and bigger clothes.

And everyday activities like chasing my son around the house left me out of breath.

Before I Knew It… I’d Packed On 80 Pounds

Weight scale and measuring tape

I felt sluggish and worn out all the time. I developed a ton of problems:

  • Arthritis
  • Horrible digestion
  • And I felt like I was under a fog 24 hours a day

I even developed a nasty addiction to sugary processed foods…

When the creamy, sweet, and moist texture of Hostess cupcakes hit my brain…it was like a drug. One pack turned into two, two into four, and before I realized it, the whole box would be gone.

Then I’d slouch with guilt and feel my joints stiffen up. I hated the way they made me feel but I just couldn’t stop myself.

But Even Worse Than Weight Gain Was The Effect My Diet Had On My Health

Epilepsy Attack

As a kid, I’d been diagnosed with a kind of mild epilepsy...

But when my health went south… my epilepsy got much, much worse.

I started having terrifying grand mal seizures.

Sometimes I’d wake up and see the worried look of loved ones’ faces, or worse, my son…

I’ve never felt so scared in my life.

Doctors Worried I Had Something Seriously Wrong With My Brain

Brain Damage

They put me through one expensive medical exam after another. I remember waiting in my doctor’s office…

My heart thumping away in my chest, my sweaty palms pressed against my lap, waiting for him to give me the results.

Fortunately, they found no evidence of a tumor, brain bleed, or anything life-threatening. But sadly, they couldn’t find any physical reason for my condition.

Since The Doctors Couldn’t Help Me, I Decided To Take Matters Into My Own Hands

Podcasts About Health

I began listening to podcasts about nutrition, health, fitness…

They talked at length about how important diet was, and how it was linked to all kinds of “shadowy health problems” doctors couldn’t nail down.

I wondered if what I was eating was the cause of my problems.

So at first, I cut out processed grain, sugar, and quit fast food cold turkey.

Things got a little better for me, but my weight didn’t budge, my joints throbbed, and my seizures kept raging.

Next, I went on the Keto Diet. Which lots of health and diet experts kept talking about.

I managed to lose 10 pounds my first month and my body pain improved. I was so excited, I thought I’d finally found the answer. But then, I hit a plateau…

My weight loss stalled and I could still feel the little tingles I would get before a big seizure. I worried another violent grand mal seizure was lurking right around the corner...

That’s When I Stumbled Onto A Total Game-Changer


It all started when I listened to a podcast by Dr. Paul Saladino, a licensed physician with a background in nutritional biochemistry and integrative medicine.

He recommends an all-animal diet to some of his patients struggling with health disorders…

It’s called The Carnivore Lifestyle.

You probably think an all-meat diet sounds like a heart attack waiting to happen.

But as Dr. Saladino explained there is a mountain of scientific research that says otherwise.

  • First, he explained that early humans survived on an almost 100% meat-based diet.
  • And our caveman ancestors were healthy, fit, and quite likely to live to a ripe old age.
  • He also debunked the idea that animal fat leads to a build-up of plaque inside of your arteries, explaining that it’s actually processed sugars that cause cholesterol to become “sticky” and clogged.
  • And finally, he explained that meat is actually an extremely nutritious food loaded with vitamins, minerals, and trace nutrients to help your body function at its peak.

I Was Still Very Skeptical But I Figured a 30-Day Trial Couldn’t Do Much Damage

To say I was blown away with my results would be an understatement. In my first month, I dropped over 20 pounds of pure, jiggly fat.

I could see the outline of my stomach muscles in the bathroom mirror, my love handles evaporated like a rain puddle under the hot desert sun, my pants were looser, and my belly no longer poked out of the bottom of my T-shirts.

Even my seizures completely disappeared in a matter of weeks.

My Results Continued to Accelerate

  • I went on to lose 80 pounds of health-destroying belly fat
  • I completely abolished my arthritis
  • And I regained the energy to chase my young son around the yard all afternoon without breaking a sweat

As Incredible As the Results Were, This Lifestyle Hack Suffered From One Major Flaw...

The standard way of the Carnivore Lifestyle can be more boring than watching paint dry in a typhoon...

At first, I loved eating plenty of my favorite cuts of meat, but I missed my old favorites like tacos, pizza, and breaded cutlets.

Plus, it was tough coming up with foods my young son enjoyed. Especially since Dr. Saladino suggested eating “the whole animal”-- even animal organs like liver, heart, and tongue.

How could I ask my son to eat these “weird foods” if I wasn’t willing to?

Man eating

When I Started on the Carnivore Diet, I Had NO IDEA How to Cook


I was absolutely HOPELESS in the kitchen. I couldn’t make anything more complicated than scrambled eggs. I used to burn toast, overcook boxed macaroni and cheese, heck, even my frozen chicken nuggets came out dry and overdone.

To improve my skills… I watched cooking shows like Chopped, Guy’s Grocery Games, and Iron Chef America…

I loved watching them transform bland or boring food into something interesting and new. My creative juices started flowing. I started thinking of new innovative ways to create mind-blowing carnivore recipes that would crush my cravings.

Soon, I was experimenting in my own kitchen. I invented ways to make “Carnivore Style” versions of my son’s favorite foods like chicken nuggets, pizza, and tacos.

And I developed no-brainer simple ways to make organ meats incredibly tasty to power up my immune system, keep my bones strong, and help my joints stay well-oiled and limber.

Now I feast until I’m stuffed with all my favorite foods:

  • Juicy burgers dripping with ooey, gooey melted cheese and topped with crisp, smoky bacon
  • Fried cheese sticks flowing with creamy mozzarella cheese
  • Even crispy smoked pork belly oozing with moist, tender flavor

This is the kind of food I eat every day and still stay lean and healthy year-round.

As My Library of Recipes Expanded People Started Raving

Recipes library

People from around the neighborhood would show up outside my doorstep asking for samples.

I shared a few recipes on my Instagram and people couldn’t get enough, especially my Carnivore versions of staples like bread, tortillas, and pizza crust.

Pretty soon, a couple of fitness experts with massive social media followings got wind of my recipes.

And then guys like Christopher Bell (aka “Boar”), who is an American director, producer, writer, and the brother to Mark Bell (a former competitive powerlifter who’s known as “The Meathead Millionaire”) reached out to me and had this to say:

“Love your page. What’s the deal with this carnivore bread? What are you making it out of? I’d like to give it a shot.”

A few days later his friend Mike, who’s no social media slouch himself said this:

“Def want to try these!”

Big guns from all over the fitness and wellness industry were singing praises of my mouth-watering tasty treats…

Then, Something Totally Insane Happened

A guy named Matt Gallant contacted me…

He’s the CEO/Co-founder of a company called BiOptimizers, which creates some of the most innovative and effective nutraceuticals available in the world.

He said, “Cody, I had a chance to try a few of your recipes and they’re ABSOLUTELY, geniously delicious! If you could put together some of your signature recipes into a cookbook, I’m sure some folks in my following would love it.”

And that’s how my breakthrough cookbook: The Ultimate Carnivore Cookbook was born.

And these meals aren’t just nourishing and healthy, they’re FLAVORFUL. You’d never know you’re eating healthy. You’ll be SHOCKED when you’re eating your favorite foods and… surprisingly they’re carnivore.

Matt Gallant

Your Free Recipe Book Is Full Of Mouth-Watering Meals and Appetizers You Can Make in Just Minutes

I’m talking about aromatic Garlic-Butter Prime Rib so juicy and tender you barely have to chew it. Or a smoked Beef Brisket literally dripping with succulent flavor.

You’ll also discover how to make incredible Air-Fried Chicken Cutlets and Ooey Gooey Carnivore Style Pizza…

And what’s a burger without a warm, toasted bun?

Your free recipe book will also include my famous recipes to satisfy your carb cravings.

I guarantee you’ll be blown away when you bite into a hot, fresh Carnivore Cinnamon Roll dripping with melted white frosting.

I guarantee you’ll be blown away when you bite into a hot, fresh Carnivore Cinnamon Roll dripping with melted white frosting.

It’s Time You Start Feeling Strong, Lean, Energized, and Healthy

Read the amazing benefits people just like you have already experienced after sampling these recipes:

And those are just replies from Instagram. Others followed...

So as you can see, not only will these delectable meals help you:

  • Burn belly fat
  • Banish body pain
  • And burst with energy…

They also taste absolutely AMAZING.

This is why these recipes unquestionably NEED to be in your kitchen.

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I want to start our relationship on the right foot. I want you to be able to feel the benefits and see the results of this lifestyle all while treating yourself to incredibly delicious cuisine.

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7-Day Meal Plan To Meet Your Requirements


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